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I haven’t always looked and felt this way. There is an origin to this story, and I’d like for you to listen in if you can.

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I started working out at 145 pounds, at 6 foot 1. I hired a personal trainer named Eric Brake who over the course of about 6 years took me from 145 pounds to 235 pounds. The following 4 years i was able to get up to 270 pounds using what i learned from him so i know what its like to push your body beyond its limits and excuses. Now i usually sit around 230-240 pounds but competed in physiques two years ago at 190 pounds.

One of my passions that entire time was nutriton and supplementation, i started reading alot, and looking into supplements for years until i started making my own just for myself using raw product.

4 years ago i finally opened my own personal training facility called Physiques in Hemet CA. it was here that i began giving my clients my personal formulas and they fell in love. They began to push me to start making them and that is how MBL was born. The company took off and soon i was unable to do both, so i gave the studio away and started to just pursue MBL. The rest is history.

I set out to create products that i wanted myself – something i could believe in. And i didnt want to be just a company or a brand. So i didnt start off with a logo. People kept asking me what my logo was, and my response became “you” you are my logo… and so Be The logo was born.

I truly love inspiring people and watching them crush their goals no matter what they might be. Personal trainer for over 25 years, training in commercial and private gyms, trained athletes, moms, kids, – everyone. I held 5 certifications including fitness therapy. Ten years ago i became a pastor here in hemet at a great little church called Freedom house – I get to lift people up inside and outside the church – how amazing is that?

So who is Randy Emerson? just a guy who loves working out, loves people, and loves God.

I can’t wait to meet you.


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“Thank you for a terrific product that is one of the first products I have encountered that works as advertised. As I have said before, I have no interest in becoming a body builder (I love my clothes too much), but I must and I will remain William “X-Tra Medium” McKinnis.”