Slap Caps




Revolutionary Preworkout Pill

1 Cap = Nice

2 Caps = Triggered…

Extreme focus, energy and endurance – if your tired of mixing powders before your workouts- take a slap in the face and pop 2 Slap Caps! 300mg of DMHA per serving- serving size 2 Caps- also contains 350mg Caffeine Anhydrous, PEA and Hyperzine A for mood and focus!

We have a lot of college students saying they take 1 cap to help them study – We also have business peeps who do the same thing, so these are a great way to get clean engery and focus, mood, without the sugar of most energy drinks while you are working.

1 review for Slap Caps

  1. kenny smalls

    Love these for the convinence because I can’t carry around “The Stack” because I’m at school all day…. so these are a great way to fill in for Uncle Ross and Viscious before my workouts….. Took my Perfect 10 this morning and the Slap Caps after my last class and they’re perfect for giving that second burst of energy…. thumbs up again Emerson another great product….

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