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Preworkout – Clean Energy – Low Stim – HIGH Pump

This is what a Preworkout was meant to be.

We put 6 Grams of Citrulline Malate to make sure you get a nice blood volume pump 1,000mg of Niacinamide to help restore your adrenal glands Vitamin B12 and some Caffeine to give you some clean energy.

Vicous has been called the best tasting preworkout on the market by Octane Nutrition Mixes easily and since we did not use any dies, looks like milk … does a body good! If you’re tired of jitters, or getting sick from other preworkouts, Vicious is going to ensure a clean workout and an amazing skin tearing pump!

30 Servings gives you 30 incredible workouts. If you would like to have a higher stim you can take 2 scoops something people have been loving is mixing 1 scoop of Vicous with 1 Scoop of our Perfect 10 Fat Burner.

Flavors: True Watermelon and Cherry Apple (Blood Apple)

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True Watermelon

3 reviews for Vicious – DO NOT CONFUSE WITH VICIOUS STIM 2.0

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Easily the best pre workout I’ve ever used.

    • Randy

      Glad you like it. Spread the word! We love good news like this.

  2. manuel lugo

    my workouts are a little advance & hard, this will give you the pump youre looking for without the bad side effects. thanks my pastor love this stuff

  3. Kenneth

    Vicious is another money product. I take this stuff 30-45 minutes before a workout and I feel like Popeye after he eats his spinach…. and again the best part of the product is that it taste great and its really easy to get down

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